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Slovenian left-wing government continues intimidation of independent media

SDS International Bulletin 18.01.2014

On Thursday, 16 January, the Slovenian Foreign Ministry summoned U.S. Ambassador Joseph Mussomeli to defend his public statements on why the former communist apparatchiks and former President of the Republic of Slovenia Dr. Danilo Türk is not a suitable candidate for the UN Secretary General. In his statements Ambassador Mussomeli recalled that dr. Türk declared the post-war genocide, carried out by the Titoist Communist Party and its army, as a second-class issue and not worthy of commenting.

One day later, on Friday 17 January, the criminal police conducted a house search of Dejan Kaloh's apartment. Mr. Kaloh is a co-worker of an independent news portal Politikis that in the late November published an illegal injunction to carry out financial investigations with which the Attorney General Stanislav Pintar is prosecuting the late Jože Zagožen and Slovenian opposition leader Janez Janša. They are being prosecuted because they supposedly have "the ownership and possession of unlawfully acquired assets that exceed € 50,000". The document among other things reveals that the Supreme Public Prosecutor's Office is an instrument of politics and that the Director-General of the Supreme Public Prosecutor's Office and former politician LDS Boštjan Škrlec has one task only - to coordinate campaign against Janez Janša. He would be supplying a journalist of the commercial POP TV with the needed information. "The whistle-blower" from the prosecutor's office has thus also mentioned that the prosecution was preparing to discredit the President of the Republic of Slovenia Mr. Borut Pahor. Police is looking for the informant that has sent the documents to Dejan Kaloh as well as to the Politikis portal.

Slovenian Prosecutor's Office is otherwise being led by the Attorney General Dr. Zvonko Fišer, who has in 1977 as a municipal public prosecutor criminally prosecuted three people: two priests because they placed a cross at the ground hole where there were bodies of the killed during the Second World War; and in the early 80's a 16-year-old for a verbal offense.

The National Bureau of Investigation (NPU) has on December 11th 2013 conducted a house search for the evidence of crimes in the loan for the construction of the sport facility Stožice in Ljubljana. Among the people whose homes were searched was also the current defense minister Mr. Roman Jakič who is a member of Janković's extreme left political party. Minister Jakič of course did not resign, but instead due to leaks of information of the house search filed a criminal complaint against an unknown person. Therefore, a Department of the specialized prosecutor's office on January 6th 2014 invited the journalist of the Daily newspaper Večer Damijana Žist for questioning, because they "wanted to know who supplied her with the information that there would be an investigation carried out at Defence Minister Romano Jakič's house."

In 2012, the Prime Minister Alenka Bratušek and the Minister of Defence Roman Jakič initiated several proceedings against independent weekly newspaper Reporter because of the published picture taken in the National Assembly. The picture shows the tablet computer of Roman Jakič and the e-mail in which his fellow party politician advises him on purges of the personnel in the Defense Ministry. The Prime Minister has initiated criminal proceedings against a weekly newspaper because it published a picture, also taken in the National Assembly, which reveals the content of a congratulatory text message that Bratušek received. In 2011, the Mayor of Ljubljana Zoran Janković initiated a police investigation against the chief editor of the magazine Reporter, because of his criticism of the political involvement of the Mayor of Ljubljana in commercial transactions and filed charges against a journalist of the daily newspaper Delo because of a satirical article on the attitude of the Ljubljana city administration towards the Holding of public companies owned by the Municipality of Ljubljana.

The left-wing government, which in April 2013 celebrated the re-taking of power by a communist and anti-European celebration: , thus continues with the abuse of state institutions in these cases to intimidate the independent media. The last time we were confronted by such methods was in May 1988, when the Communist secret police arrested Janez Janša.